hi friends!


i'm hayden.

i am a student at Texas A&M University, where I am currently a sophomore. (A A A A A!) i am passionate about Jesus, imperfect people, creating, laughter, and capturing the "little moments" - the raw + authentic moments that exist in between the big and glamorous ones. my love for photography really started through my love for my Creator. the more that i grew in knowing Jesus, the more i desired to capture the moments that He created. it is my sole desire to create fun, raw, and captivating images with my lens that reflect a little glimpse of the work Jesus is doing - the beautiful, life changing, glory-filled work that is all around me. it humbles me so much and makes me SO excited that Jesus shares glimpses of His glory and His heart with us in ways that we can understand and see, and it sets my soul on fire that i get to take part in helping people remember what Jesus is doing - that i get to play a small part in helping establish memories + capturing a physical representation of precious moments for people to hold on to. it gets me H Y P E !!!! i’ve got a lil lovebird that i’m absolutely crazy about, and if you’re lucky, he’ll tag along with us on you’re shoot. he’s the absolute best human I know that shows Jesus to me daily, encourages me to be my best, and challenges me to never stay the same- and taking pictures for adorable couples, and families makes me so incredibly grateful for my little love story and my big love story too (the love story of my Savior)! thanks for stopping by. i truly can’t express my excitement to get to know you!


i hope you'll let me join you in creating yours, whether it's a love story, a next step story, a family story, or A JUST-FOR-FUN STORY - i would love to team with you to capture it all!

p i c k   m e.


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